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Avoiding Bacterial Colonization on Medical Devices



TRACTIVUS is a spin-off from IQS and IDIBELL that develops implantable medical devices that avoid bacteria colonisation. The patented technology allows to create an autoprotection system onto the surface of each medical device that prevents bacteria attachment and bacteria colonisation. Therefore, our devices showed no bacteria colonisation and no biofilm formation increasing the lifetime of the device with no post-implantation problems and with no adverse effects for the patient.

In addition, we are offering a reduction in health costs directly related to treat post-implantation problems such as infection. 


Learn All About the Advantages that Our Products & Technology Has to Offer


All selected materials show no toxicity or inflammatory responses. Silicone and silver are commonly used by the current medical devices and complains with the approved regulations.

Metallic Coating

Our patented technology enables nanostructured material attached to the surface of the silicone surface.


The bacteriaphobic coating adapts perfectly to the silicone geometry and shows no delamination and no cracking.


The versatility of the technique allows to control the modification area, being possible to select the internal or external side or both sides.

Bacteria Colonization

The nanostructured coating allows lower interaction between the surface of the device and the mucus avoiding its attachment and aggregation.

What is Tractivus?

Due to the origin and history of the project, TRACTIVUS has designed its initial portfolio based with two initial products (tracheal stent and urinary catheter). The novelty of the technology allows to be applied on different medical devices such as tubes, prosthesis, catheters and stents. While the main objective at this moment consist in the validation an approval of the two first products, TRACTIVUS is working on increasing the pipeline.


Is our primary technology that is used to give bacteriaphobic properties to the medical devices. Consist on a flexible structural coating that attaches directly to the surface of the materials (elastomeric materials and rigid materials) providing bacteriaphobic properties. This means that the surface difficults bacteria adhesion and attachment avoiding the formation of the bacteria biofilm and colonization.

Tracheal Stent

New bacteriaphobic tracheal stent with PHOBOSTech™. The device shows the same mechanical properties as standard devices but avoiding bacteria colonisation and biofilm formation. The device can be implanted as usual and can be monitored through X-ray and fluoroscopy facilitating the implantation and following-up process.

Urinary Catheter

New bacteriaphobic urinary catheter with PHOBOSTech™. The device is completely flexible as standard devices but avoiding bacteria colonization and biofilm formation during the urine drainage. The product increases the lifetime of the device (>30 days) without colonisation problems reducing the infection rates.


We've Come a Long Way

Tractivus is a technology-based company, established in Barcelona in 2015 and emerged from the research groups, GEMAT (Institut Químic de Sarrià, IQS, TECNIO centre, Ramon Llull University, URL) and IDIBELL (Hospital of Bellvitge, CERCA centre, University of Barcelona).


It has been recognised with the help of Llavor 2014 (Catalan Government) for its business idea. In addition, it was awarded as 2nd finalist for the best business plan of 2014 in the BioemprenedorXXI programme, organised by Biocat (Catalan Government), Barcelona Activa (City of Barcelona) and la Caixa. We also participated in the program of entrepreneurship and acceleration of start-ups, I-CORPS, of the National Science Foundation (US Government).


Finally, the Tractivus technology was awarded at the 2015 ECBIP Congress (European Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology) with the Chris Bollinger Award for the best technology and development in the field of tracheal stents.


We obtained funding from recognised funds as for instance NEOTEC (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Spain), StartUp Capital (Catalan Government), RIS3CAT (Catalan Government), RETOS y Colaboración (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Spain) and with private investors.


At Tractivus, we are passionate about science and we love to see how our technology meets patients’ needs and has a great impact on the society.


Meet The Team


Elena Christodoulopoulos

  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

Msc in Materials Science and Engineering

Industrial Engineering - Quality Manager


Coral García

  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

MSc in Bioengineering - Nanoscientist

Manufacturing and  Industrial Scale Specialist


Joan Gilabert

  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

PhD in Biochemistry

Biomaterials & Surface Engineering Specialist


Robert Texidó

  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Biomaterials & 3D printing Specialist


Salvador Borrós

  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo
  • orcid_128x128

Full Professor, PhD in Analytical Chemistry Materials Specialist Multiple Innovation Awards, 6 startups, 16 patents


Victor Ramos

  • LinkedIn - Gris Círculo
  • orcid_128x128

PhD Pharmacology, Biomaterials & Pharmacology Specialist

Multiple Innovation Projects, 2 Startups, 4 patents


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Tel: +34 932 672 000

Via Augusta, 394 Barcelona (08017) Spain

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