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Who are we?

TRACTIVUS emerges as a spin-off from the research group GEMAT (IQS-Ramón Llull University) and IDIBELL (Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute) in order to avoid bacterial colonization in medical devices.


Developing and providing infection-control solutions for long-lasting devices, Tractivus can reduce healthcare-acquired infections. Less infections reduce complications, hospital stays and the use of antibiotics, thus reducing resource allocation and costs for healthcare. Focusing on people, Tractivus provides a tool to improve the work of health professionals and the life quality of patients.

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PHOBOSTech technology have been developed over the years as a final solution to the current problems of medical devices. Our cost-effective patented technology allows to create nanostructures on the surface, preventing bacteria attachment and, therefore, bacteria colonization. As a result our devices show higher lifetime, lower associated costs, and no post-implantation problems without adverse effect on the patients.

Tractivus combines the experience of the research groups and a unique solution designed to root out the colonization of the devices through a micro- and nano-structured coating that protects the device from adhesion and bacterial colonization. The team has worked on all aspects of the development: material selection, regulatory strategy, risk reduction, clinical trials, partners, stakeholders... aiming to maximize  the success of both the project and the investors.

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