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UroPHOB urinary catheter

New bacteriophobic urinary catheter with PHOBOSTech technology shows the same mechanical properties as standard urinary devices, but it avoids bacterial colonization and biofilm formation during the urine drainage. The new product increases the lifetime of the device (up to 29 days) without colonisation problems, reducing the associated infections.

PHOBOSTech technology applied to urinary catheters maintain the device properties according to ASTM F623-19


PHOBOSTech technology has been validated with in vitro and in vivo test, showing excellent results avoiding bacterial colonization. 


PHOBOSTech technology is easy and cost-effective to be implemented in urinary catheters and industrially scalable.

Image by Hans Reniers

Pre-clinical batches of UroPHOB catheters are being manufactured with the aim of validating the manfacturing process.

Biocompatibility tests carried out by external laboratories guarantee the safety of the UroPHOB urinary catheter.

Los animales transgénicos

UroPHOB catheters

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Part of this developments have been funded by: FEDER / Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades - Agencia Estatal de Investigación / RTC-2017-6668-1

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