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Joan Gilabert

CEO & Co-founder


Joan Gilabert


PhD in Bioengineering specialised in Biomaterials. Joan has been focused on the direction and administration of Tractivus for more than five years. He has been involved in the obtention of more than 1M€ of funding to achieve the milestones of the Tractivus project through achieve competitive projects and capital increases.

Robert Texidó

Robert Texidó


PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering specialised in the development of new materials for flexible electronics. Robert has been focused in the technical direction of Tractivus for more than four years. He has been involved in the R&D of Tractivus playing a critical role in the invention of PHOBOSTech technology as well as its implementation in the medical field.

Salvador Borrós

Salvador Borrós


Dr. Borrós has extensive experience in participating in competitive projects, having been the principal investigator in the IQS in 5 Projects of the National Plan, 7 EU Projects and others with business participation such as Innpacto. He has a clear vocation for technology transfer. In this sense, he has been the Principal Investigator of more than 50 industrial projects of more than a year and is founder or co-founder of 5 spin-offs.


Cristina García


PhD in Bioengineering with an Industrial PhD 2017 FI grant associated with Laboratorios Rubio, IQS and Tractivus SL collaboration. Cristina has been working in this project for more than 4 years developing of techniques to study the biofilm formation and bacteria proliferation mechanism as well as new coating technologies to overcome it.  

IMG_20190612_171009 - copia (3).jpg
Cristina García


Elena Christodoulopoulos

Elena Christodoulopoulos


Graduated in Chemical Engineering at Universitat Ramon Llull (Institut Químic de Sarrià). She developed her Master Thesis at the Koch Institute at MIT, under the supervision of Dr. Michael Cima, developing drug-polymer formulations for drug sensitivity testing in ovarian cancer models, a project in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic. Elena has been focused in the development and management of the quality management system for the fabrication of Tractivus Products.


Dra. Ana Montes. Researcher at Laboratorio de Neumología (Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge).

MD. Noelia Cubero. Pulmonologist (2003), Medical Doctor (2010) and associated profesor at University of Barcelona since 2016.

MD. Rosa López. Pulmonologist (2001) expert  in interventional bronchoscopy. Researcher at Neumología group in IDIBELL.

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