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IDIBELL and IQS license a technology to Tractivus to develop a new tracheal stent 

Barcelona – June 2016. Tractivus is pleased to announce the license agreement signed between IQS, IDIBELL and Tractivus. The licensed technology aims to revolutionize the current stenting technology and provide new solutions to unmet clinical needs. This technology allows to improve the quality of life of patients and avoid extra costs for the health system.


On, June 1st a patent license agreement was signed between IQS – Institut Químic de Sarrià, IDIBELL - Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Bellvitge and TRACTIVUS. Tractivus, a spin-off born from the collaboration between GEMAT (Materials Engineering Group), IDIBELL and IQS, will optimize and validate this technology and will follow the appropriate regulatory path for market access.


The signature event was attended by IDIBELL’s director, Dr. Jaume Reventós, IQS's director, Dr. Pedro Regull and, by CEO and co-founder of TRACTIVUS, Joan Gilabert. Dr. Salvador Borrós, full professor of IQS School of Engineering and promoter of the Tractivus team, consisting of Joan Gilabert, Dr. Victor Ramos and Robert Texidó, all co-founders of the spin-off, were also there. Dr. Antoni Rosell, head of Respiratory Endoscopy Section of the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge and IDIBELL principal investigators in this project, consisting of Dr. Ana Montes, Dr. Noelia Cuberos and Sra. Rosa Maria López, could not attend.


Dr. Jaume Reventós stressed the importance of "Dr. Borrós as being sensitive to the issues raised by Dr. Rosell on cases of post-traumatic tracheal stenosis, both benign and malignant." Also, Dr. Pedro Regull highlighted "the potential of the relationship between a university, such as IQS technical school, which is always looking for the applicability of its research, and a hospital, such as Hospital Universtari de Bellvitge, that is highly capable of identify unmet clinical needs better than anyone".


Tractivus believes that the future of new applications and devices starts with close collaborations between universities, where basic and applied research is developed, and spin-offs capable of transforming technology into products.

From left side to the right: Eva Olivera, Dr. Salvador Borrós, Marina Rigau, Dra. Núria Vallmitjana, Dr. Jaume Reventós, Dr. Pere Regull, and the co-founders of Tractivus, Joan Gilabert, Dr. Víctor Ramos and Robert Texidó.

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